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We offer packages that are tailored for startups and small businesses. To build websites that have no limits but can be maintained by everyone who isn’t a developer, we focus on WordPress and Elementor.

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We support startups and small companies to have a successful start of their business but also to have a reliable partner they can count on for the long run!

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The right design doesn’t just look good, it represents your brand. We built custom-made websites that catch your audience.

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Our packages are made for startups and small businesses that need their first website or want to redesign their old one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yes, and yes! We can provide you with the fastest WordPress hosting in the world (no joke!), daily website backups in case something is broken, regular updates, and even virus protection and malware removal. For more information simply contact us or take a look at our service pages.

First, we try to get an impression of how you want your website to look like. For that, we try to get as much input as we can. That can be colors, fonts, example websites, information about the website structure, graphics, and more.

Next, we will prepare a mockup of the website pages and ask you to review it. Afterward, we adjust the mockup based on your feedback. This can go back and forth a few times until you’re happy with the mockup, though the number of mockups might be limited by the package you choose.

After we finished the mockups, our web designers and developers will set up the design you choose in the mockups on the website. Usually, the finished website then looks exactly like the mockups. Again, you will have time to review it and we will make small adjustments that are left.

We use WordPress to create the websites of our clients. It’s the most used tool for that, as over 50% of today’s websites are built with it. WordPress websites are easy to maintain, have a fast loading speed, almost have no limits, and regular updates and new plugins are coming all the time.

We combine WordPress with an easy-to-use page builder. Responsive designing can always be tricky, so most of the time we help with bigger changes. Still, making small adjustments or even only exchanging content or uploading an article can be done by basically everyone who has basic technical know-how.

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